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Our Statement of Commitment

To Our Employees

A commitment to provide all of our employees with an environment that encourages personal growth, professional development and quality achievement within a framework that recognizes and rewards them fairly for doing an exemplary job on every project we embark on.

To Our Customers

A commitment to being a supplier of quality services with a level of performance that meets our customers' requirements and exceeds their expectations. With a reputation we’ve built over decades of service, our customers know that every job is our most important deliverable and until it is successfully completed, we will never rest.

To Our Suppliers

A commitment to building transparent and accountable supportive partnerships, to exceed the quality performance levels required by the market and to aggressively pursue opportunities to optimize our mutual success.

To The Future

A commitment to meet the challenges offered by a rapidly changing world and the ingenuity to take advantage of opportunities through continuity of effort and singleness of purpose, maintaining our leadership position in the electrical service industry in the Bay Area.

Our Mission

Our mission is to serve all of our customers with quality products and services that will enable us to make a fair profit that can be shared with our employees and the communities in which we serve.

To this end, we have a Statement of Commitment based on our core beliefs and the business practices we adhere to and live by.